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Meet the AAS Keynote Speakers: Dr. Ryan Hickox

7 Jan 2019, 16:04 UTC
Meet the AAS Keynote Speakers: Dr. Ryan Hickox
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In this series of posts, we sit down with a few of the keynote speakers of the 233nd AAS meeting to learn more about them and their research. You can see a full schedule of their talks here!
Dr. Ryan Hickox, Associate Professor at Dartmouth CollegeIn 2019, the Chandra X-ray observatory celebrates 2 decades of successful observations. Chandra, arguably the best X-ray telescope in existence, beats other competitors hands down on angular resolution and sensitivity, and its 20-year legacy has had a phenomenal impact on our understanding of the high-energy universe. At #AAS233, the daunting job of describing this legacy falls to Dr. Ryan Hickox of Dartmouth College. I chatted with Ryan to find out more about Chandra, our understanding of the X-ray sky, and his plenary talk at the AAS meeting this January.Although he confesses it will be hard to do justice to the many thousands of people who have been involved with Chandra in a 40 minute talk, the telescope is of great significance to Ryan and his research. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Christine Jones Forman, one of the scientists involved in building Chandra, and his early career focused on investigating the telescope’s ...

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