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Opportunity Sol 522 (Spirit Sol 543)

14 Jul 2010, 02:30 UTC
Opportunity Sol 522 (Spirit Sol 543)
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Surprisingly, visodom performed well through the entire drive yestersol. We'd been worried visodom wouldn't work reliably with nothing but our own tracks for it to look at, but so far, so good.The drive itself went where it was supposed to. We're at the end of one trough, and thisol our plan is to hop into the next one (about 5m worth of driving, in a lazy "S") and drive about 10m along it, to a point where the terrain seems to fall off slightly. If we could see it better in the NCAM coverage, we might be able to drive farther -- or so I think. Later the PCAMs arrive, and they show that, yep, the terrain appears to fall off a bit there. Oh, well; we're using up all the time we've got anyway. (Visodom works, but it's slow! This 15m of driving will take us about 2.5 hours. We'll actually spend maybe 10 minutes turning the wheels; all the rest of that is visodom overhead.)It's Rob Sullivan's first sol as SOWG chair. He does a great job, but at one point, when he's having trouble reaching consensus on what science should be slotted into the tiny amount of ...

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