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Growing once, growing twice … or three times?

2 Jan 2019, 18:25 UTC
Growing once, growing twice … or three times?
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Title: Early Dark Energy Can Resolve The Hubble TensionAuthors: Vivian Poulin, Tristan L. Smith, Tanvi Karwal, and Marc KamionkowskiFirst Author’s Institution: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Status: Open access on arXivWe’re pretty sure that the Universe has undergone two phases of accelerated expansion. Firstly, during a period known as inflation immediately after the Big Bang, and secondly – right now! It was realised in the 90s that the Universe is expanding today, and that it is doing so at an increasing rate. Measuring exactly how fast it’s expanding has opened up one of the biggest disagreements in cosmology today: the Hubble tension*. The Hubble constant, which is the quantity that tells us how fast the Universe is expanding today, has been measured in two different ways… with two different results.While some would argue that the answers aren’t different enough to warrant worrying about too much (yet), many people are starting to believe that there is a real problem brewing. It could be that experimental uncertainties haven’t been accounted for fully, or, it could be that we’re missing something in our current model of cosmology and that we need new physics to explain it. Today’s authors offer an explanation for the ...

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