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Astro Bob

Full Cold Moon Chills The Twins’ Toes

22 Dec 2018, 18:18 UTC
Full Cold Moon Chills The Twins’ Toes
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Watch for tonight’s Full Cold Moon to rise in Gemini the Twins. Click the image to find out your moonise time. Stellarium
Today marks the official date of the December’s Full Cold Moon, named so for obvious reasons. Last night’s moon was a little more than a half-day before full; tonight’s will be closer — only about 6 hours past full (Central Time). The moon will rise a little past sunset in Gemini the Twins and shine the entire night. Would that we could the constellation better, but moonlight will blank most of Gemini’s stars except the bright pair of Castor and Pollux located 2 fists to the left of the rising moon.
Pollux and Castor are the mythical Greek twin brothers who joined Jason and the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece. Tonight, the moon will tickle their toes tonight. Mostly Castor’s. From mid-northern latitudes, the moon will stand highest around 12:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. But if you live at 21° north — the latitude of Honolulu and cities in southern Mexico and Central America — you’ll have to look straight up to see the moon because it will shine down directly from overhead.

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