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Opportunity Sol 521 (Spirit Sol 542)

13 Jul 2010, 01:50 UTC
Opportunity Sol 521 (Spirit Sol 542)
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I come in early to get a jump on things. This was a mistake -- the downlink's been delayed (Spirit's data was queued ahead of ours on ODY), so there's nothing for me to get a jump on. At least it's being delayed for a good reason. Spirit has an earlier start and a tighter deadline, and they're also downlinking part of a huge panorama they took over the Independence Day weekend. I see part of this as it's coming down, and it's clear the full version will be spectacular.Two hours later, our data starts flowing. The news isn't great, but it's okay. We'd planned about a 16m traverse, and we actually made about 10m progress. We'd have made more, but visual odometry -- which we rely upon for our slip checks -- produced a couple of erroneous results, making the rover think it was slipping a lot more than it actually was. As it happens, the rover thought it was slipping 32.5%, just barely over the 30% limit then in effect. So it stopped short.Thisol we're just carrying on. The rover hasn't dug in and isn't in any apparent danger, so there's no reason not to just shoot for ...

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