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COSINE-100 Experiment Investigates Dark Matter Mystery

6 Dec 2018, 23:04 UTC
COSINE-100 Experiment Investigates Dark Matter Mystery
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Yale scientists are part of a new international experiment that challenges previous claims about the detection of non-luminous dark matter. Astrophysical evidence suggests that the universe contains a large amount of non-luminous dark matter, yet no definite signal of it has been observed despite concerted efforts by many experimental groups. One exception to this is the long-debated claim by the DArk MAtter (DAMA) collaboration, which has reported positive observations of dark matter in its sodium-iodide detector array.The new COSINE-100 experiment, based at an underground, dark-matter detector at the Yangyang Underground Laboratory in South Korea, has begun to explore DAMA’s claim. It is the first experiment sensitive enough to test DAMA and use the same target material of sodium iodide.COSINE-100 has been recording data since 2016 and now has initial results that challenge the DAMA findings. Those findings are published online this week in the journal Nature.“For the first time in 20 years, we have a chance to resolve the DAMA conundrum,” said Yale physics professor Reina Maruyama, who is co-spokesperson for COSINE-100 and co-author of the new study.The first phase of COSINE-100’s work searches for dark matter by looking for an excess of signal over the expected background in the ...

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