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Potential Planets in the Bulge

4 Dec 2018, 15:41 UTC
Potential Planets in the Bulge
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Title: Search for Exoplanetary Transits in the Galactic BulgeAuthors: C.C. Cortes, D. Minniti, and S. VillanovaFirst Author Institution: Departamento de Astronomía, Casilla 160-C, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, ChileStatus: Accepted to MNRAS, open accessEveryone loves exoplanets. And luckily for us (everyone), astronomers have discovered thousands of new alien worlds in the last decade using data from the Kepler mission. Two campaigns (9 and 11) of the extended Kepler mission, dubbed K2, set sights on the galactic bulge. Today’s authors supplement data from these K2 campaigns with VVV survey data, an ongoing mission to survey the galactic bulge in near-infrared wavelengths, in order to hunt for exoplanets.Figure 1: The K2 campaign fields used in this paper. The tan-colored region marks where the VVV survey overlaps with the K2 fields. The red stars represent the location of the five candidate exoplanets.The Hunt for Other WorldsThe authors analyze just shy of 900 light curves from K2 for their exoplanetary treasure hunt. Specifically, they are interested in transiting exoplanets, which are easy to detect from light curves alone. Light curves show how the light we receive from a star changes over time — if a significant dimming occurs periodically, it could be a sign that ...

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