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A change in the tides

1 Dec 2018, 16:43 UTC
A change in the tides
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This guest post was written by Katie Harris, a Master of Space Studies student at the International Space University in France. She completed her undergraduate degree in Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, where she did research on infrared spectroscopy instrumentation and Bayesian statistics. She is interested in all things space and is currently working towards a career in space medicine and crossover technology development for medicine and astronomy.
Title: Planet-Planet Tides in the TRAPPIST-1 SystemAuthor: Jason T. WrightFirst Author’s Institution: The Pennsylvania State UniversityStatus: Published in Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society [open access]In May 2016, the world was struck with sudden excitement over the discovery of the Trappist-1 system. At just 12 parsecs away, the system is host to several Earth-sized planets inside the habitable zone, which makes said planets prime candidates for harbouring life (see this bite and this one for more). The discovery of this neighbouring exoplanet system ignited the curiosity not only of astronomers and exoplanet scientists who had a new system to study but the general public who were excited to follow the search for possible signs of extraterrestrial beings.However, as we peer more deeply into the dynamics of the system, the ...

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