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Five tips from five years in grad school

23 Nov 2018, 16:40 UTC
Five tips from five years in grad school
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It’s difficult for me to write a piece based on personal experiences, even though I think it’s worthwhile. As a somewhat private person, I’d much rather write about the many benefits of using Evernote (yes, I am one of those people) or why the weather is a perfectly reasonable topic of conversation. Nevertheless, for today’s bite, I’m going to list some things that have helped me keep moving in grad school, and in life. Before I launch into them, however, I want to acknowledge that some of these attitudes can only exist alongside a large helping of privilege. So, my intention is not to preach to anybody but merely to share my experiences in the hope that someone else will find them useful.Year 1: You’ve got to talk to people“Duh”, you say, but let me tell you, this is not something that came naturally to me back then and it doesn’t come naturally to me today. My desire to learn physics brought me from India to the US, and even though I was very excited, being an introvert in an unfamiliar environment 8,000 miles away from my closest friends was not always fun. I had no clue how the US ...

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