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Astro Bob

Full Belly, Full Moon — See A Rare “Turkey Moon” Tonight

22 Nov 2018, 18:25 UTC
Full Belly, Full Moon — See A Rare “Turkey Moon” Tonight
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Gobble, gobble! A rare full moon will shine tonight. Watch for it in the constellation Taurus, rising in the east around sunset. Bob King
Time to celebrate the Turkey Moon! Wait, there’s no such thing. Tonight’s full moon is the Beaver Moon, named for the month in which beavers prepare for winter. But it should be the Turkey Moon. For two good reasons. First, it occurs on Thanksgiving this year and second, a full moon on Thanksgiving is a rarity. I checked back over the years and discovered that the last time full moon occurred on the holiday was Nov. 25, 1920, nearly a century ago.
There have been a bunch of “almost” full moons the day before or after Thanksgiving or a full moon but only over one time zone. Even tonight’s time of greatest fullness — 11:39 p.m. Central Time — misses the Eastern time zone, but for the majority of the U.S., full moon occurs on Thanksgiving. The next “Turkey Moon” won’t occur until November 27, 2042.
This simulated view of tonight’s full moon shows larger features visible with the naked eye and in a pair of binoculars. The white highlands areas are portions of the original ...

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