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Astro Bob

Ships Passing In The Moonlight

20 Nov 2018, 19:10 UTC
Ships Passing In The Moonlight
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Two ships, one inbound, the other outbound, pass one another on a foggy Lake Superior in Duluth last night. Bob King
The waxing moon’s been getting high and bright these nights. Direct moonlight is bright enough once your eyes are dark-adapted, but when the ground’s covered in five inches of fresh snow, the reflected light from the powder exponentially heightens the moon’s radiance. Last night, I stepped out for a short walk and noticed what looked like low clouds over Lake Superior illuminated by moonlight. With the air temperature at –5° F, I suspected it might be what we locals call it “sea smoke,” a fog that forms when colder air brushes the surface of the warmer lake. Water in the air condenses into tendrils of rising water vapor or “steam.”
Brilliant Sirius rises over the fog as a ship makes its way into port last night. Bob King
Thinking it might make for a nice photo, I gathered up my camera gear and drove to a place with a view. Though only 10 o’clock, Orion was already climbing the southeastern sky, standing more than two fists above the horizon. It turned out that moonlight made constellation photography difficult (too ...

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