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Opportunity Sol 517 (Spirit Sol 538)

8 Jul 2010, 23:11 UTC
Opportunity Sol 517 (Spirit Sol 538)
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I've got my clock/radio tuned to the news station, so I'm literally awakened by the news that my favorite city in the world, London, was viciously attacked by barbarous cowards today. Bombs on the subway, and on one of those iconic red double-decker buses. Dozens of people are known dead, hundreds more probably dead. Maybe a thousand injured. Nobody really knows just how bad it is yet, but it's bad.Not for the first time, I think to myself that I'm making a mistake. As much as I love it, I should leave Mars and go work in counter-terrorism in some capacity. I have a moral responsibility to act. I can't solve it all myself, but I should do my tiny little part rather than fuck around with an interplanetary Erector Set.I usually tell myself that my job actually is important, that people need something to live for and we're part of providing that. But on a day like today, that justification -- I should call it a rationalization -- sounds awfully damn hollow.I don't know what to do. I love you, London. I go to work.Our drive onto the on-ramp, sol before yestersol, went fine. Yesterday Cooper and Jeff took ...

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