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What’s Going On With ‘Oumuamua — Alien Technology Now?

6 Nov 2018, 23:14 UTC
What’s Going On With ‘Oumuamua — Alien Technology Now?
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Scientists conclude that interstellar object ‘Oumuamua must be very elongated because of its dramatic variations in brightness as it tumbled through space. Vents on the surface may have emitted jets of gases, giving the object a slight boost in speed, which researchers detected by measuring the position of the object as it passed by in 2017. Or the increase may have come about by sunlight acting on an artificial object. NASA/JPL-Caltech
First it was an asteroid, then a comet and now a group of Harvard researchers suggest the enigmatic ‘Oumuaua could be an alien-built light sail. The half-mile-long flying whatever-it-is was discovered on October 2017 with the Panstarrs-1 telescope on Mt. Haleakala in Maui. Like similar discoveries, the object was too small to appear any larger than a point of light like every other asteroid. And that’s exactly what astronomers though it was — at first. Then it began exhibiting weird, comet-like behavior. Let’s examine what makes ‘Oumuamua so unusual:

It came from outside the solar system because of its extremely high speed of 196,000 mph (87.3 km/sec). Objects bound to the solar system don’t travel that fast except for a brief time when they’re very close to the sun. ...

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