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Astro Bob

Mysteries Of Space On Halloween Night

31 Oct 2018, 20:44 UTC
Mysteries Of Space On Halloween Night
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Boo! This photo from the orbiting Chandra Observatory reveals the Perseus Galaxy Cluster in x-ray light. 320 million light-years distant, the Perseus Cluster contains thousands of galaxies, but none of them are seen here. Instead, we see, a 50,000,000° cloud of hot gas flowing within the cluster. A. Fabian (IoA Cambridge) et al., NASA
I don’t believe in spirits, but I love the costumes, scary music and all that haunted stuff. I think it’s because Halloween was the ultimate kid holiday — one day a year when you could be wicked and get free candy. We all love a little mystery. It makes us wonder, sends chills up our spine. God knows, the world’s a mysterious place. The unknown fires our curiosity and motivates the scientifically minded to peel back the curtain for a look at what’s pulling the strings.
Some people think science takes the mystery out of life. Damn right it does! I like to board an airplane and know I’ll arrive at my destination with the least amount of mystery possible. But when it comes to say, photosynthesis, knowing that plants take nothing but sunshine, water and carbon dioxide to make a delicious peach evokes a sense ...

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