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Astro Bob

Full Hunter’s Moon Horizon Hijinks

23 Oct 2018, 17:36 UTC
Full Hunter’s Moon Horizon Hijinks
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A previous October full moon rises orange and distorted over Lake Superior in Duluth, Minn. Bob King
With the approach of the firearms deer hunting season it won’t be long before blaze orange becomes the rage in my state. The full Hunter’s Moon will rise a less lurid hue tonight around sunset and stay up all night. The name comes from the time when hunters stalked their prey by moonlight. If your prey is the moon itself then check the moonrise and sunset times for your location and find a place with a great view to the east to watch tonight’s big, juicy moonrise.
There’s always so much to see at moonrise, including the distorted shape of the lunar disk caused by the bending of light by the denser, thicker air near the horizon and changes in color. Typically, the full moon rises a deep orange or pinkish-orange because the blues, purples and greens are scattered away by that thick air again.
The stepped appearance in the bottom quarter of the moon reveals horizontal layering in the lower atmosphere. These and other effects are best seen at and shortly after moonrise. Bob King
We don’t often think about it, but ...

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