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Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum

Notes on the freedom of religion.

4 Jul 2010, 20:34 UTC
Notes on the freedom of religion.
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Here is a nice essay that my friend Dave Miller had published in "The Hook" newspaper last week. Hawes Spencer cut it down a bit (possibly to help it fit) so you might be interested in the full Monty, the unedited original article. Here it is in full. Thanks to Dave Miller for graciously permitting me to reprint it here.Have a happy 4th of July everybody!Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The impending celebration of Independence Day comes about four months after the powerful Texas Board of Education voted to undermine one of our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms; namely, that of religion. Freedom of religion goes hand-in-hand with separation of church and state. The government is neither to establish religion nor prevent it from being practiced, according to the First Amendment. The Texas School Board’s recent acts of textbook censorship and revision of American history suggest that a Christian Taliban is on the rise.Unfortunately, the extreme religious right is of the belief that our government is based on Christianity and should be recognized as such publicly. Often, the arguments are given that the founders were Christian men and the laws of the land are based upon the Biblical ten commandments. Although the founders in ...

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