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Astro Bob

In Praise Of Fall’s First Day

22 Sep 2018, 17:09 UTC
In Praise Of Fall’s First Day
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A pocket of fall color catches the eye a week ago on the Superior Hiking Trail above the Manitou River in northeastern Minnesota. Bob King
“What’s your favorite season?” Lots of ask or are asked this question and the most common answer I hear is “fall.” People like the colors, the cooler temperatures and the get-down-to-business feel of the season after a summer of heat, sloth and mosquitos. For me, fall and winter are equals followed by spring and summer. Summer used to be in second place, but it’s become so humid and fire-smoke-filled in recent years, I’ve reluctantly shuffled it to the end of the line.
Earth’s axis maintains a 23½° tilt as it orbits the sun, but its changing position in orbit causes the axis to point toward, away and sideways to the sun during the year. On the first day of fall, Earth is neither tipped toward nor away, so all areas of the planet receive equal illumination with day and night of about equal length, 12 hours and 12 hours. Sonoma University with additions by the author
But just like my kids used to holler “Ready or not, here I come” when playing hide-and-seek, fall begins ...

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