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Astro Bob

Astronomers Know How To Party

9 Sep 2018, 22:37 UTC
Astronomers Know How To Party
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You’ll find every style and size of telescope at the Minnesota Astronomical Society annual outing to northern Minnesota including this behemoth 30-inch Dobsonian reflector. The photo includes two galaxies: a swath of our own Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, located a little above the observer’s head. Bob King
“Astronomers know how to party,” said my older daughter. We talked on the cell yesterday as I drove to Long Lake Conservation Center in north-central Minnesota to join the Minnesota Astronomical Society for their annual Northern Nights Star Fest. Partying astronomers are a different breed from the normal party crowd. For one, no one drinks. But we do love food, sharing stories, laughter and all the rest. Star parties are opportunities for sky lovers to escape the city lights and dig into a dark sky. And oh my, the sky was dark last night.
After a delicious dinner of ribs and cheesy potatoes, we were fortified for the night. Or at least until the “midnight snack,” the traditional time to recharge with muffins, cold cuts, hot dogs and essential coffee before tackling the wee hours before dawn. In a field dotted with several dozen telescopes, amateur astronomers quietly went to work ...

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