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Astro Bob

Pretty, Pretty Pleiades

7 Sep 2018, 23:59 UTC
Pretty, Pretty Pleiades
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The Pleiades star cluster glides up into the northeastern sky around 11 p.m. in early September. We see its reflection in a puddle left in a driveway after a recent rain. Bob King
Lately, I’m seeing new faces in the night sky. With the pall of fire haze gone and the moon out of the evening sky, one of our favorite star clusters has returned to view — the Pleiades. Better known as the Seven Sisters this dipper-shaped clutch of stars pokes out from between the trees low in the northeastern sky around 11 o’clock local time. By midnight, it will definitely get your attention.
I was walking last night and noticed its reflection in a big puddle on a neighbor’s driveway. No breeze ruffled the water, so the puddle perfectly mirrored the sky above. As an aside, notice that the reflected sky appears darker than the real one. This is because water absorbs around 85% of the light that falls upon, reflecting about 15% back. If it were a pool of polished aluminum instead, some 70% of the light would be reflected back and the bottom half of the photo would appear much brighter.
I took this photo with ...

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