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Book Review: The Georgian Star, by Michael D. Lemonick

6 Sep 2018, 19:09 UTC
Book Review: The Georgian Star, by Michael D. Lemonick
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How did William and Caroline Herschel revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos? This is the question that the book The Georgian Star1 sought to answer. The author of this book is Michael D. Lemonick, who had previously written books such as Echo of the Big Bang and The Light at the Edge of the Universe. Lemonick currently teaches at Princeton, Columbia, and the John Hopkins Universities, but he formerly was a senior science writer for Time and senior staff writer for Climate Central. He wrote several astronomical books before and during his teaching tenure, with some of them mentioned beforehand. Taking into consideration Lemonick’s background in science writing and especially his writing of astronomical books, he is well-qualified to write on this important topic in astronomy.

Lemonick is by no means an expert on the Herschels, but that did not hinder his ability to construct an informative, yet engaging narrative on one of the most, if not the most, important families in astronomy. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson states on the back of the book, “In The Georgian Star, Michael Lemonick tells the compelling story of the eighteenth-century English siblings William and Caroline Herschel, who, wielding the largest ...

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