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Heroes of Space: Werner Heisenberg

29 Aug 2018, 11:15 UTC
Heroes of Space: Werner Heisenberg
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Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is now common knowledge among physicists.
Werner Heisenberg is one of the key innovators when it comes to quantum mechanics, a subsection of science that explains the behaviour of the smallest particles composing the entire universe. His groundbreaking work in a time of raging war changed the world of physics for the better.
Born on 5 December 1901 in Würzburg, Germany, Heisenberg began his journey into physics and mathematics in the early 1920s, where he studied the subjects extensively at universities such as Munich, Göttingen and Copenhagen. At these institutes he worked with some of the world’s finest minds, including Niels Bohr and Max Born.
Throughout the 1920s there was an influx of discoveries surrounding the field of quantum mechanics. Slowly, the nature and behaviour of small particles was becoming clearer, and Heisenberg played a big part in that. While working as Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Leipzig, Heisenberg was revolutionising the field. In 1925, Heisenberg had formulated quantum variables in terms of ‘matrices’ and created matrix mechanics, which in possible layman’s terms states particles obey non-commutative rules and can only be explained with unobservable quantities. Shortly after, in 1927, the famous ‘Heisenberg uncertainty ...

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