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Astro Bob

Crazy, Big Aurora Out In Full Moon Light Tonight!

26 Aug 2018, 05:19 UTC
Crazy, Big Aurora Out In Full Moon Light Tonight!
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I had to specially tone this image to bring out the aurora which was only vaguely seen through moonlight and fire smoke over Duluth around 11:45 p.m. Saturday night. Bob King
The aurora forecast was for a minor storm tonight (Kp=5), something that would normally be almost impossible to see in the light of the full moon and masked by the fire smoke that plagues the night sky of many states and Canadian provinces. But as usual, we got a surprise. A good one. The solar blast or connection it made to Earth’s domain was strong. Now, the Kp index is 6 or higher, and the edge of the auroral oval has pushed into the northern states.
This is the current extent of the auroral oval, which is now draping the northern U.S. Click to see the current oval. NOAA
My sky is gray from moonlight and smoke and yet once I got my night vision, I could see giant aurora forms pulsing across the northern sky and beyond the zenith. They’re very ghostly what with the moonlight and smoke, but there’s no question it’s a big display. Please check it out for yourself.

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