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Astro Bob

After The Perseids, A Beautiful Moon-Venus Conjunction

14 Aug 2018, 05:15 UTC
After The Perseids, A Beautiful Moon-Venus Conjunction
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William Wiethoff of Port Wing, Wis. took this nice photo of a bright Perseid slicing across the Milky Way last night. I shot about 85 photos of the shower and captured only the tail end of one meteor! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. William Wiethoff
I really enjoyed the Perseid meteor shower and hope you had a chance to see it, too. My daughter Maria came over and we reclined in the driveway talking and watching quietly till 1 o’clock in the morning. Because I fiddled with the camera she saw a few more meteors than I. Her final count was 25 Perseids and one sporadic meteor and mine 20 (plus one sporadic). But by the time I put everything away and gave a last look, I had added three more to make 24. You still “beat” me, Maria!
Fire haze Saturday night Aug. 11 made for a strange dark-light sunset over Sturgeon Lake in McCarthy Beach State Park in northern Minnesota. Bob King
We were grateful that the fire haze lessened enough by Sunday night enough to see the Milky Way overhead, and though the shower was still compromised, neither of us minded. As with all showers, there ...

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