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Astro Bob

How To Photograph The Perseid Meteor Shower

11 Aug 2018, 03:48 UTC
How To Photograph The Perseid Meteor Shower
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A bright Perseid meteor needles across the Great Square in Pegasus. Details: Canon 1D Mark III camera, ISO 1600, 30 seconds, 20mm lens. Bob King
How would you like to capture a Perseid meteor with your camera this weekend? It’s not hard to do. For the best photos you’ll need a digital SLR camera like a Canon Rebel or Nikon D5500, but even a cell phone is up the job when outfitted with an app like NightCap Camera ($1.99) for iPhone. The app allows the user to take time exposures and increase the ISO speed. Unfortunately, there’s no version for Android available at this time.
Before you get your camera set to go, remember that there’s always an element of luck in meteor photography. I’ve photographed more than a dozen showers but have yet to catch a fireball streaking through the view. Two or three meteors is about average for an hour or so of photography. But the longer you’re out, the better the chances of capturing more meteors and that rare fireball.
This rear view of a digital SLR shows the location of the live view button critical to getting a sharp, focused image of the stars at night. ...

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