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SPONSORED: Wish Upon a Star in Sark

27 Jul 2018, 12:09 UTC
SPONSORED: Wish Upon a Star in Sark
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Enjoy some of the most highly-envied dark skies in Sark. Image credit: C&C Marc Whitehead Photography (Jersey)
In January 2011 Sark of the Channel Islands gained the distinction of being awarded International Dark-Sky Association recognition for its exceptional quality of unpolluted darkness, and became the first functioning island community to gain this title.
What does it mean? Sark, although very tiny, has a thriving population of around 600 people. We have everything this modern world can offer except motor cars and all they entail. This restriction means that our nights are truly dark, the planets of the Solar System easily distinguished, the stars a magnificent backdrop. Air quality is unsullied, sunsets and dawns spectacular, the Milky Way a brilliant belt strung across the heavens.
You do not need to be an astronomer to appreciate dark skies; they inspire poets, artists and lovers. However, if you are in any way, shape or form interested in what lies beyond our home planet, Sark is a place you will appreciate – and it’s on your doorstep.
People who live under bright stars tend to take them for granted, a mere adjunct to all the other beauties of island life.
However, the less fortunate ...

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