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Opportunity Sol 507 (Spirit Sol 528)

28 Jun 2010, 16:35 UTC
Opportunity Sol 507 (Spirit Sol 528)
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Ah, that feels better. The drive went just exactly as planned; the old track, tailings, and wide swaths of undisturbed soil are within the IDD work volume. I've never been so excited about an 80cm drive.Nor has most of the rest of the team. I forget, they actually started their approach to this spot well before I got here -- it took something like a week to do the drive away, turn-in-place, and drive back -- and today was the last chance to get it. But we got it. Brenda says Steve is "happy as a clam," and he is. "Take your time getting SAP set up, Brenda," he says. "I'm just gonna sit here and gaze in wonder at this reachability map -- nice job, Rover Planners!"I feel a little silly about taking a bow (figuratively!). It's just 80cm; I'm supposed to be able to do this with my eyes closed. Well, whatever.I take a moment to look at the drive telemetry. After all that time we spent worrying about what to set them to, I'm curious about what the bogie angles were during this drive. The left bogie started at 14 degrees -- the value that aborted our ...

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