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Famous exoplanet’s doppelganger found

17 Jul 2018, 08:51 UTC
Famous exoplanet’s doppelganger found
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This artist’s view shows the planet orbiting the young star Beta Pictoris. Image credit: ESO/L. Calçada/N. Risinger
When it comes to extrasolar planets, appearances can be deceiving. Astronomers have imaged a new planet, and it appears nearly identical to one of the best studied gas-giant planets. But this doppelgänger differs in one very important way: its origin.
“We have found a gas-giant planet that is a virtual twin of a previously known planet, but it looks like the two objects formed in different ways,” says Trent Dupuy, astronomer at the Gemini Observatory.
Emerging from stellar nurseries of gas and dust, stars are born like kittens in a litter, in bunches and inevitably wandering away from their birthplace. These litters comprise stars that vary greatly, ranging from tiny runts incapable of generating their own energy (called brown dwarfs) to massive stars that end their lives with supernova explosions. In the midst of this turmoil, planets form around these new stars. And once the stellar nursery exhausts its gas, the stars (with their planets) leave their birthplace and freely wander the galaxy. Because of this exodus, astronomers believe there should be planets born at the same time from the same stellar nursery, ...

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