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Buying A Good Telescope - One Very Good Option

11 Jul 2018, 20:59 UTC
Buying A Good Telescope - One Very Good Option
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Thinking about buying a *good* telescope someday?I'm glad you are because I've got some news for you about telescopes, generally.Most people who are considering having a telescope in their lives, look for them in a department store. Now, department stores are great! At least, I love them. But they are limited in scope (oh, what a perfect spot for that pun!), naturally, where specialty items are concerned - and telescopes are a big one.Some of the names of the telescopes found, in some department stores, will be familiar to you, such as, "Celestron®", or Meade®, or Tasco®. But, though these are three of the *big* names in telescopes, the models you'll find are built for the masses - for those who aren't likely to be very discerning, in an area you really *need* to be very discerning with. The associated advertising agencies use a factor in telescopes regarding magnification as their main selling point which is, inherently, not exactly 'wrong' - but not relevant, either.Ken from Orion Telescopes and Binoculars Demonstrates the XT-8 SkyQuest Plus Dobsonian TelescopeImage by Orion Telescopes and Binoculars.You'll see such wording on their packaging, as: "300x", "300-power", "300 times", etc., meaning, that the instrument will/can magnify ...

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