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The Road to Endeavour

Still no word…

1 Jul 2018, 08:56 UTC
Still no word…
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Quick update on the situation with Opportunity…
There’s no news. Nothing to report at all. It’s now three weeks since Opportunity was last in contact with Earth, since she sent back that partial, interference-speckled image, and all the MER team can do is keep listening for her with crossed fingers. She could phone home today – she could have phoned home through the night, we just don’t know about it yet – or she might not beep us for weeks or even months yet. We have to accept the possibility that she might never contact us again. We just don’t know.
What we do know is that the dust storm which has darkened Opportunity’s sky is now covering almost all of Mars and showing no real signs of winding down. Images taken by Curiosity, still trundling around on the other side of Mars, now show a sky and a landscape darkened by thick dust too, so it’s not just Opportunity being affected. Of course, as Curiosity is nuclear powered, and doesn’t rely on the Sun to charge batteries like Opportunity does, this storm isn’t so much of a big deal for it.
So, good readers, there is nothing we – ...

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