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July’s Jupiter events visible from the UK

29 Jun 2018, 19:48 UTC
July’s Jupiter events visible from the UK
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The current inclination of the Galilean moons’ orbits to our line of sight means that outermost moon Callisto passes above rather than in front of Jupiter, as shown here at 12:02am BST on 3 July 2018. This is also the instant that Io is in the midst of reappearing from Jupiter’s shadow. Observers with Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes should rotate this image through 180° to match their eyepiece view, while users of refractors and catadioptrics (Schmidt- and Maksutov-Cassegrains) with a star diagonal need to mirror this graphic left-right to replicate what they see through the eyepiece. AN graphic by Ade Ashford/Cartes du Ciel.The start of July finds magnitude -2.3 Jupiter in Libra (the constellation it occupies all month), highest in the southern sky around 30 minutes before sunset for observers in the British Isles. By the end of the month, the solar system’s largest planet is setting at midnight as seen from the heart of the UK, so it pays to make the most of dwindling observing opportunities.
Jupiter’s southerly declination ensures that antipodean observers fare better where, even at the end of July, the planet transits high in the northern sky around the end of evening nautical twilight. If you need ...

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