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Gaia Sprint Seattle

26 Jun 2018, 22:37 UTC
Gaia Sprint Seattle
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Long time no blog!
Let’s see, what has happened in the last year…

I grew a small human inside me and gave birth to her and have taken care of her for nearly nine months! Skyler was born in September 2017. I didn’t do any of this singlehandedly and am so thankful to be supported by numerous parties: my husband, our families, friends near and far, our church community, my colleagues, and my employer’s paid “faculty sick leave” which thankfully applies to birth parent postdocs like me. (UW’s leave policy is wholly inadequate for many other postdocs and I recently joined a working group tasked with helping improve it.)
I’m still at the University of Washington working on Data Management for the LSST Alert Production Pipeline. This means I spend most of my work time on software development and thinking about processing large quantities of digital images taken by telescopes.
Earlier this month, I took a break from all that to do some science! Officially I get to spend 20% of my time on science (and the remaining 80% on LSST things, which is not NOT science, but is very much its own thing). It was overwhelming and also very ...

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