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Annie Scott Dill Maunder, Solar Physicist

26 Jun 2018, 16:24 UTC
Annie Scott Dill Maunder, Solar Physicist
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The Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO) dedicated a new telescope on June 25, 2018, returning a tradition of observations to London. The telescope is called the Annie Maunder Astrographic Telescope (AMAT), in honor of Annie Maunder, a famous solar and stellar astronomer who worked at RGO from 1891 until the 1930’s. The RGO is best known to solar scientists as the place where sunspot pictures were made from 1874 until 1976. Those photographs have been used by many scientists to understand how sunspots behave. Having photographs allows us to go back and remeasure the sunspot properties to see if something was missed. Annie Maunder studied the Sun at RGO. She worked with her husband (E. Walter Maunder) for many years. After they were married she was unable to get paid for her work but continued her research into the Sun, sunspots, and whether the Sun affected our climate. Along the way, she helped develop the Butterfly Diagram (1904 and 1922), wrote a popular book on the Sun (1908), and examined the Maunder Minimum, the period from 1645 to 1715 when few sunspots were seen and the climate in England was colder than average (1894). She traveled to far-flung places and photographed ...

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