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Opportunity Sol 505 (Spirit Sol 525)

25 Jun 2010, 14:36 UTC
Opportunity Sol 505 (Spirit Sol 525)
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Six fucking centimeters. That's it. Six fucking centimeters is all the distance we made yestersol.It's my fault. In the drive sequence, we retained most of the limits that had been set for the previous drive. We were just passing over the ground they had meant to pass over, so we figured the same limits would be fine.Frankly, this was just lazy. And it's what stopped us. As it happened, Opportunity's left bogie articulated just a little more than we expected it to as it climbed the ripple that's under us now (North Ripple), and that terminated the drive. After six centimeters.We really, really should have caught this in advance. The bogie limit was 14 degrees, and if we'd checked the telemetry, we'd have noticed that it was already just over 11 degrees -- not a lot of headroom there. The really painful part is that I thought of that while we were doing the sequencing, and then got distracted by something and never got back to checking. Oy vey.[1]And this changes our plans for the weekend. We'd originally intended to IDD the far track -- the one we were driving to -- but since we didn't make it there, that's ...

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