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The Road to Endeavour

Opportunity and the 2018 Dust Storm

19 Jun 2018, 08:05 UTC
Opportunity and the 2018 Dust Storm
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Typical. TYPICAL. I go away for a week – up to the beautiful Isle of Skye to take in some museums, castles and white sandy beaches – and after virtually ignoring her for years and years the rest of the world suddenly goes crazy about Opportunity! No-one (ok, almost no-one) has cared about her for ages, no-one has been interested in her slow, steady, scientific survey of the rim of Endeavour Crater and, more recently, Perseverance Valley. But when it became clear that the dust storm was putting the rover’s mission in danger suddenly Opportunity was big news; she was all over the internet and all around the world, and every science and space journalist, online and print was suddenly writing about the “brave martian rover struggling to survive on the red planet”. I must admit I couldn’t help thinking “Oi! Where have you all been? Some of us have been following and supporting this incredible mission and the people behind it for a decade and a half…”
While there has been a lot of media support for Opportunity and her team, of course a few reporters have taken the – ahem – opportunity to be snarky about the situation. ...

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