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Opportunity Sol 503 (Spirit Sol 523)

23 Jun 2010, 13:17 UTC
Opportunity Sol 503 (Spirit Sol 523)
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It's my first sol driving the rovers since I came back from jury duty, and I've switched to Opportunity -- my first sol on this rover since, well, since before they encountered Purgatory Ripple.Yestersol's drive was a 20-degree turn in place followed by a whopping 50cm drive forward, in two 25cm arcs. But only one of the two arcs completed. Opportunity sensed that she'd slipped 32% on that arc, and we'd set a limit of 30%, so she stopped. Opportunity is scared of bogging down again.But Khaled and Paolo analyze the drive and conclude that it's safe for us to proceed. What happened was that as we did the turn in place, the right-front wheel -- whose steering actuator is broken -- was mostly just dragged along, digging itself a small trench in the process. Then when we tried to step forward, we slipped a touch more than expected as we climbed out of that trench. But the rover's safe, on top of the soil rather then underneath it, and the way ahead is clear.Our goal here is simply to drive back to a part of the tracks we left as we exited Purgatory. Yestersol's drive was supposed to leave ...

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