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Drill up, not down, Mr. Obama

22 Jun 2010, 15:46 UTC
Drill up, not down, Mr. Obama
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contact: Space Development Steering CommitteeJP Marin, 718 622 2278, jpmarin@howardbloom.net

This week the president of the United States, Barack Obama, will announce a new national space policy. If the president is smart, that space policy will be an energy policy. It will focus on solar power harvested in space.
Last week, in his June 15th Oval Office BP oil spill address, President Obama called for a destiny-changing clean energy program. Says Howard Bloom, head of the Space Development Steering Committee, a group that includes Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, and members from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense, “The answer is eight minutes above Mr. Obama’s head. Space.” Says Bloom, “Solar power harvested in space means jobs, economic recovery, power to the global poor, and a new American century. Space solar power can turn America from a billion dollar a day oil importer to a net energy exporter. Space solar power can be harvested 24/7 and transmitted directly to the cities and villages that need it, from America, Europe, India, and China to the electricity-deprived corners of Africa and Asia.”
Drill up, not down, Mr. Obama. Space solar power.

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