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Review: Vixen VMC110L Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope

4 May 2018, 13:07 UTC
Review: Vixen VMC110L Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
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Telescope Advice
Cost: £395 (approx $542.60)
From: Opticron
Type: Maksutov-Cassegrain
Aperture: 4.33”
Focal length: 40.75”
Best for…
Medium budget
Planetary viewing
Lunar viewing
Bright deep-sky objects
Basic astrophotography

We had a very positive and enjoyable experience with Vixen’s portable Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, and based on its build and optics, we would strongly recommend this telescope to a beginner. You can also utilise its unique flip mirror to get stuck into some astro imaging.
Let’s begin with what comes with the package. The minor, but still essential accessories include the red dot finder and the mount rail. The red dot finder is of very good quality and easy to attach, and the mount rail is of a dovetail design, meaning it will be compatible with most mounts. The VMC110L itself, with VMC meaning ‘Vixen’s original Maksutov-Cassegrain’, is superb. Its design optimises its impressive aperture and focal length to create a generous light-capturing capability. The telescope’s size is the first thing that catches the eye, as it is relatively tiny. The Cassegrain aspect of the design allows a long focal length in a short tube of only 360 millimetres (14 inches). When you unite this with the fact that the telescope ...

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