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Heroes of Space: Edwin Hubble

21 Apr 2018, 20:00 UTC
Heroes of Space: Edwin Hubble
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Edwin Hubble discovered many galaxies by the end of the 1920s and was able to piece together a classification system, known as the Hubble Tuning Fork diagram. Image Credit: NASA
Edwin Powell Hubble was born 20 November 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri, USA. He moved to Illinois in 1900 and was an athletic youth who favoured sports over science, becoming a gifted athlete in various sporting pursuits including baseball and basketball.
He was a strong student academically as well, and in 1910 he graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor of science degree, his studies having focused on mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. He then travelled to England where he spent three years at The Queen’s College, Oxford, before returning to his family’s new home in Kentucky to care for his mother and siblings following the death of his father in 1913.
Hubble’s father had long requested that he practise law over science, and Hubble had done so until his return to the USA, when he found his interest in law waning. At the age of 25, after a brief stint as a teacher, he decided to focus his efforts on becoming a professional astronomer. By 1917, he had received ...

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