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SDO Instrument Calibration Maneuvers

14 Apr 2018, 22:19 UTC
SDO Instrument Calibration Maneuvers
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This past Wednesday starting at 1415 UTC (10:15 am ET) SDO performed the EVE FOV and HMI/AIA Flatfield instrument calibration maneuvers. The spacecraft rolled back to its normal orientation before the test. Once the maneuvers were complete, SDO rolled 180° to continue our simulation test. As always during a calibration maneuver, the AIA images may be streaky or cutoff at the edges of the CCDs. The movie shows how that day looked in the AIA 211 Å channel. The interference caused by the edges of the CCD are easily visible around 2000 UTC. Next week SDO will perform the EVE cruciform maneuver on Wednesday, April 18, starting at 1430 UTC (10:30 am ET). Once again, SDO will roll to normal pointing before the test and roll 180° after the test.

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