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Heroes of Space: Vladimir Komarov

7 Apr 2018, 20:00 UTC
Heroes of Space: Vladimir Komarov
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When dealing with Soviet space history of the Sixties and Seventies great caution must be taken. Unlike NASA, the Soviets were highly secretive about their space programme. Many details were not revealed for decades, with various personal accounts and seemingly official reports only starting to appear this millennium when fear of reprimand was no longer apparent.
And so, the story of Vladimir Komarov is a confusing one. A dedicated cosmonaut, there are conflicting reports about Komarov’s last moments, some painting his Soviet superiors as ruthless task masters intent on outdoing the Americans in space, others portraying them in a much kinder manner.
Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov was born in Moscow, USSR on 16 March 1927. He trained and qualified as an engineer before being selected in the first group of cosmonauts in 1960. Despite twice being registered unfit to fly when part of the Soviet space programme, he persevered and eventually got his first taste of space aboard Voskhod 1 on 12 October 1964. This was the seventh manned Soviet space flight and the first spacecraft in human history to take more than one crewman into orbit; Komarov travelled with two civilian cosmonauts Konstantin Feoktistov and Boris Yegorov, all three having ...

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