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Trump: U.S. should have a ‘space force’

14 Mar 2018, 00:41 UTC
Trump: U.S. should have a ‘space force’
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WASHINGTON — An idea that the Pentagon has long opposed — creating a separate military service dedicated to space warfare — suddenly is back in the headlines after President Trump endorsed it in a speech on Tuesday.
Addressing a military audience at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego, Trump boasted about his national security strategy, plans to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal, develop hypersonic weapons, and his proposed increases to military budgets. Trump also made extensive comments about space and the possibility that the United States will need a “space force” to fight enemies that threaten U.S. access to space.
“In space, the United States is going to do Colonel Glenn proud,” said Trump, invoking Astronaut John Glenn who was a Marine Corps pilot. “We are finally going to lead again. … We’re going to lead the way in space.”
Trump noted that his administration’s national strategy “recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea. We may even have a Space Force.” If the United States has to fight in space, developing a Space Force would make sense, he said. “We have the Air Force. We’ll have the Space Force. We have ...

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