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The Road to Endeavour

Opportunity on Sol 5000

17 Feb 2018, 10:18 UTC
Opportunity on Sol 5000
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Well… it was a safe bet that the MER team would mark Opportunity’s 5000th sol on Mars with something special, but we had no idea just how special a trick they had up their sleeves until late yesterday evening, when a batch of images taken on that historic day were released. This is what we saw online…

First thought: what is THAT??
But when we looked at the rest of the images in the download the penny dropped, and our pulses started to quicken…

Was that..? Could it be..? Had they really tried to..?
This was the giveaway…

That’s Opportunity’s robot arm, and its “hand” was orientated in such a way that the “Microscopic Imager” camera on it was facing the rover. Just get that image in your mind… that is a photo of Opportunity’s smallest camera, taken by one of it’s other cameras. That’s the equivalent you doing this…

…and that meant it looked very much like Opportunity had been commanded by the MER team to take a whole bunch of little “selfies”, so they could make a proper “self portrait” to mark the special day with.
Now, it’s important to make a personal distinction here. Opportunity has taken ...

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