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The Lined Wolf

SciComm experiment: #SuperBlueBloodMoon vs #LunarEclipse

7 Feb 2018, 02:16 UTC
SciComm experiment: #SuperBlueBloodMoon vs #LunarEclipse
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As I expected the news about the Lunar Eclipse happening on the 31st of January 2018 was in the media and social media all around the world… even though in many countries (Europe, South America) the Lunar Eclipse was not visible.
In my humble opinion, many of the articles in general outlets and media were not very well written and actually very hype, which created that people were actually confused about what was happening.
Of course, I complained a lot about how the news was presented in the media. I’m a huge defender of inviting people to look at the sky (I’m continuously doing it!) but not exaggerating what people should expect to see. In this sense I’m an “old-schooler” as I really consider facts and naming things properly are important.
After having some discussions with friends in social media about all of this, I decided to create a poll in Twitter to explore this more.
Furthermore, following the “noise” in Twitter, I had the feeling that young people care less about the actual name of the phenomenon than older people.
And that was the beginning. As a scientist I want to test if my hypothesis is right.
Hypothesis: At ...

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