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37 Signs You Might Be a NASA Engineer

12 Jan 2018, 22:27 UTC
37 Signs You Might Be a NASA Engineer
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This list continues to grow, thanks to your comments and suggestions.

You might be a NASA Engineer if….
1. You know what “geosynchronous” means.
2. You made A’s in Calculus but almost failed English Lit.
3. You attend twenty hours of meetings in your forty-hour work week.
4. You bring your lunch to work every day in the same goofy lunch box.
5. You prefer writing on paper that has both horizontal and vertical lines.
6. You’re embarrassed that NASA couldn’t build a new launch vehicle before the Shuttle was canceled.
7. You like being called a “Rocket Scientist”… even though you’ve never met one.
8. Paying someone to do something you can do makes you sick and drives your wife crazy… which leads to loneliness.
9. You encrypt all your email messages because you’re afraid not to.
10. You secretly wish pocket protectors would come back because they’re so practical.
11. You love harassing sales people at Best Buy because you know more than they do.
12. You’re waiting one more year to retire because you’ll make $46.14 more every month… and you said the same thing last year.
13. You think composite materials are too risky.
14. You’ve ...

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