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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 511

11 Jun 2010, 05:21 UTC
Spirit Sol 511
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"My Ph.D. thesis was on writing a program that would design robots for you," Chris says. "You'd tell it what you want, and it would design a robot to do it. That way, I could spend more time climbing." (He's an avid rock climber.)"See, I'd have done it the other way around. I'd have designed a robot that would go climbing for me, so I could spend my time designing robots," I say."That's the difference between you and me," he deadpans.It's Friday, and that means it's another three-sol plan. I did essentially all of the IDD work for all three sols yesterday so that I could focus on the drive today, which should make today easy.Ha.Since we're on tight sols, our uplink's at 17:40, and for a while there it really doesn't look like we're going to make it. In the end we finish with less than half an hour to spare. We haven't cut things that close in a while. I am awfully glad I did the IDD sequences up front, though; it was only two or three hours' work, but we really didn't have those two or three hours today.This might be my last sol on Spirit, at ...

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