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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 510

10 Jun 2010, 04:42 UTC
Spirit Sol 510
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The radiation source in the MB has weakened over time, like a slowly fading light bulb. The MB still works fine, but you have to integrate longer to get the same quality data, much as you have to leave a camera's shutter open longer in dim light.As a result, thisol we're just continuing to let the MB integrate. The rover will also take pictures and stuff, but there are no RP sequences thisol.Which doesn't mean I have nothing to do. I go ahead and get the weekend's IDD sequences built (this is even more fun than usual, I discover, when there's no time pressure), and Chris and I -- mostly Chris -- look ahead at the weekend drive. This should make tomorrow much simpler, as we'll be able to focus on planning the drive, and we'll be able to work on it together. And we've already done some of the reconnaissance.The big deal for the day is that we're planning sol 510 and Opportunity is planning sol 490. Hence, the two rovers have a combined total of ONE THOUSAND SOLS ON MARS.And counting.

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