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Spirit Sol 509

9 Jun 2010, 04:02 UTC
Spirit Sol 509
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It's a tight sol, with the uplink due in just a few hours, so we're starting at the ungodly hour of 07:00. I'm also working with John Wright (he's RP-1 and I'm RP-2), and who the heck knows when was the last time that happened.All that really happened while I was gone was some IDD work on the magnets and solar panels, followed by a drive to Backstay, a pointy, very roughly tetrahedral rock just a few meters away from the end of our last drive. Thisol we're starting an IDD campaign on Backstay, which campaign might or might not include using the RAT.The one good thing about tight sols is that they're usually relatively simple. Then again, this is because our time is relatively limited, so it doesn't make things that much easier, really. And the uncertainty about the RAT adds some complexity.The problem is that the question of whether we can safely use Spirit's RAT still hasn't been resolved. Or anyway, not everyone thinks it has, which comes to pretty much the same thing. Alistair, the RAT PUL, says at the SOWG meeting that he got a thumbs-up from Eric Baumgartner, but nobody else seems to have seen ...

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