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Some recent Sketches From November New Moon Period

7 Dec 2017, 23:12 UTC
Some recent Sketches From November New Moon Period
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In November I managed to get out on a Friday night to observe. These were at FR006 Juniper Grove Observing location and sorry, it was dark when I got there so no pictures. It was mild that night, around 44 degrees F and that fell down to around 26 degrees F when I got done. I visited some old friends that night and here is what I got. 1. M1 The Crab Nebula. November 17th, 2017 FR006 Juniper Grove: Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm & 5mm Pentax XW. Paracorr Type II. Messier 1 showed to me good structure in the 17.5" dob. A slight brightening in the center was observed and my UHC filter brought out structure on the edge and on the center. My OIII brought out what appeared to me as filament structure. A fun observation tonight, getting the most out of my mirror, my eyepieces and the structure of the object. 2. It's been awhile since I sketched an open cluster so tonight I hopped over the Messier 46 and captured the planetary nebula there NGC 2438 which is round in nature and more ring like to me.NGC 2438 and Messier 46. November 17th, 2017. FR006 ...

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