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A year without Jack

14 Nov 2017, 11:48 UTC
A year without Jack
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A year ago today, sometime in the early morning, our sonJack died. A year ago, stunned, shocked, uncomprehending we flew out of Adelaide, into Melbourne and a world without Jack. A year on, many tests later we still do not know why he died. Something like 50% of all sudden deaths in young healthy people never do have definitive explanations. The most likely explanation is a rogue electrical storm seized his heart. We have been tested for the commonest forms of heritable heart disease that can cause such lethal storms. We are all clear of them, MiddleOne at the very least is free of these forms, and is probably no more likely than most people to succumb to a cardiac storm. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a teenager with that hanging over you? Exams, career planning none of that matters when your future could be taken from you in an instant. Now the Damocles sword has been removed and life can move on past the year without Jack. A year without Jack. The final anniversary in the dreadful countdown but not the end of the process. There will always be a gap, a space where ...

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