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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 503

3 Jun 2010, 00:04 UTC
Spirit Sol 503
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When I arrive we're having problems with the OSS, the network filesystem that we use for, well, pretty much everything related to uplink and downlink. One effect of this is that SAP hangs at startup, so the scientists can't do their science planning. Mark Powell, one of the SAP developers, is scrambling for a fix, but he doesn't seem to be having much luck.Meanwhile, Steve reveals that he and Dave DesMarais have been going over the science results and have concluded that it's time to move on. We've going to finish up IDD work in this location thisol, then drive back to Methuselah and on around to the south side of Husband Hill toward the South Basin. This will take us uphill, though possibly not to the summit. We'll have to see. I'll be back on Opportunity before much longer, anyway, so the struggle to reach the summit will be someone else's for a while.Mark has just about given up. I decide I should try to help him. I suggest setting up a temporary OSS under somebody's home directory -- all they need is a file structure, and SAP can be given the root of that structure at startup. He ...

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